Saturday, 16 March 2013

Quilting the Motifs

Free Motion Quilting Project Linking up with Leah Day's Free Motion Friday
 Linking up with Leah Day's UFO Sunday

This was my original design for the Compass Motifs

 I had intended to use my Clover tracing mesh to mark the designs on the quilt top and it worked grand for the Sun and the Wind, but when it came to the other designs they were just too complex to work, so sighing inwardly, I used the paper method to print out the designs and sew through the paper and then tear away.   I knew that it wasn't going to be as clean and easy as the directions claimed "just sew and tear" and was resigned to knowing that I would end up spending ages carefully picking out pieces of paper from between stitches.   But it was getting to the stage where I was beginning to vacillate and the time spent between avoiding doing and doing was getting longer and longer.   So bite the bullet and get going.

Sewing the dragon
 One of the corner moons with the paper partially unpicked.
 The much easier Wind quilted.
 Another moon nearly cleaned of paper
 The ship midway through removing the paper
 Mermaid nearly done.
 The sun.

My idea was I would take my time cleaning out all the paper on the motifs and then go back again and finish the quilting in them.   I plan to do a lot more quilting in the motifs and build them up.   In order to allow myself some nice quilting time while doing the unpicking chore, I'd continue the free motion part - this is Leah Day's Poseidons Eye which will swirl and flow around the center compass, and then probably flow into something like Goldilocks, with Edge of Reality around the edges of the quilt.

Getting back into the swing of things, woo hoo

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