Sunday, 14 October 2012

Quilting the 4th Compass - Mine

Well the 4th compass is completed.   I started really well, enjoying everything, even the challenge of using a thread that will really show up on the curves for my pebbling.   I still like pebbling but I noticed that if I do more then 30 minutes then I get careless and "just get it done" syndrome comes into play.

So all went well until it came to the white points.   I'd looked at loads of the 365 Designs and couldn't find a design like Leah Day's Channel Weave that I liked as well from the straight line ones and then decided to do Leah Day's Flame Stitch to make it look as if Sun Rays were coming out of the compass.   I started cheerfully enough, tried the first one in one direction and the second in the other and decided that it was too busy for this part of the quilt so decided to adjust the design and do one big flame and echo coming in and as I started I just lost oomph!   It all became blah and tiresome and suddenly I was totally tired and bored with this monstrous quilt and I knew I was facing the huge compass where the design is very important and I can't get away with just trying stuff as I've done in the smaller compasses.

I sat and stared and was within an inch away, no make that a seam allowance away, from bundling up the quilt and getting out the bits I've cut for a new quilt and start piecing.   And normally that would be a good idea, have a break, get productive on something else while the batteries recharge.  BUT this is a UFO and yes I know technically that it is now a WIP and I have no more UFO's piling up, this quilt has been sandwiched for over a year and I know I have to get it done. 

I tried several ideas in my mind, I could just stipple the rest of it or straight line quilt it, boring but quick, I could use those idea's I had in another quilt one day.   But I knew that this was a cop out and actually I'm really looking forward to quilting the white but the Big Mama Compass is in the way.   I also thought well leave the Mama til the end but that seems like another cop out and I think would haunt the rest of the quilting.

It being too early to reach for quilter's helper (wine), I told myself to do just one more section in my revised flame design.   I wasn't any more happy with the result but it was quick.   So I did another, and another and finished.   There wasn't a huge Woo Hoo but there was a sense of accomplishment.   And having finished I realised that what I was dreading was the sewing of the big compass.   I have no idea's for design and worry I'm going to choose something that is awful and that piece is just too big to randomly try something/anything.

I'm definitely going to do pebbling in the curves as with the other compasses and I'm very comfortable with that design choice.   But........... the rest.

So I'm reaching out here, please, please, please send me ideas, suggestions because I know that if I get stuck after the pebbling this UFO is going to go back into the trunk for another long while.

Note that this compass is 47" and is a monster in itself.   It has the same writing on the large cardinal points at the others.   Those I stippled in large and small but I have a feeling on these it will seem a bit bland.    

The Monster that is causing me sleepless nights!
I've also figured out that the smudge on my camera is not due to my finger but something on/in the lens, cleaning doesn't work so off the camera shop for me.

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